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6S  is a platform that explores different fields of Architecture and re-create spaces and dreams.

The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)

Commute station

Project status: Finished
Type of work: Competitions entry
Credits: Victor chavez
Location: Kunming city, China
Year: 2020

Cities around the world have been made for cars, therefore walking distances are not longer attractive for pedestrians, and the lack of city stimulus for walking reduce its potential
Commute station will be exactly the opposite. It uses an evacuation passageway and transform it into an attractive meeting point, consequently it will no longer be a dull passageway, instead it will be a place to happily commute and visit while meeting new friends.

It is more than a confortable place to walk though, it is a place in which people have a strong desire to spend time inside.
It is a destination, it is a box full of surprises, it is a place to trigger your own emotions and discover or create new ideas.
The core of the ideas come from fengxui Chinese philosophy 五行 wǔxíng, also known as the “Five Elements”, "Five Phases” or “Five Processes”. and it is used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, furthermore is the key element in the passageway narrative, and it shapes the design with full experiences and feelings like touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Wuxing elements listed below
Fire (火 huǒ) Water (水 shuǐ), Wood (木 mù), Metal (金 jīn) Earth (土 tǔ)

Passageway will be divided by experiences, each experience represents a wuxing element and its combination gives space for any kind of personality.
The experience is an immersion into different sensations, is to re-invent ourselves though the journey of discovery of 五行 wǔxíng . It is an interaction between the user and passageway that transforms though the temporary art installations and activities, inviting visitor to reflect , learn, play and share while commute.